Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Art of Blogging.....

I need to jump back in here. Blogging that is. I originally started blogging to maintain a diary of sorts, of primarily bicycle travels. Then I was reading other bloggers and other bloggers were reading me. So with no further ado, I shall just jump back in,

Look at these bad boys, meet Big Fat Larry and his little brother Nate. Put 3 dirty M centuries on these two boys in the last 4 days. Nate in back with the big knobs and 4.8" Larry guiding the way in front. My opinion they will make a great pair for snow grinding. I climbed some dirt hills this weekend, that I think a better rider would not have with an Endo, or Larry in the rear.

I have been dealing with my shoulder flaring up again. In April I had shots of cortisone in both shoulders and it was like a miracle cure, until a bike crash a few months ago when my front tire kicked left from a rut, and I stuck out my right arm to break my fall. Ever since then it has been slowly getting worse. Probably some tendonitis with mayhaps some rotator cuff injury. Another shot of cortisone last week, and then I did this, snapped my Crank arm climbing a hill, threw me forward putting a lot of strain on right shoulder, dang that hurt, arm was numb for awhile. I am going to have to think about what level of risk, and icy snow rides. Doc says I should try to avoid surgery, recovery will be longer off the bike then I care to think about.
However my LBS installed free of charge a complete new assembly.  Wonderful. Is why I believe in supporting your LBS instead of some warehouse in Chihuahua, Mexico owned by some royal family in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia. Free replacement says it all for my 2007 crank.

I posted this on FaceBook, I re post here, because I find it so true. Oh and it seems I drop in FB more and more lately and less blogging. I would be happy if you read this blog and want to friend me on FB, just type in my Email address and send me friend request. Thanks.

Cycling/running/training : Sometimes it seems more like work then play, your not sure why you are even doing this. You say to yourself, "I'm tired, or I don't feel well" or whatever you use on yourself to take the easy way out. But plans are plans and goals are goals, and a day off work is an opportunity to pursue such. Then later on somewhere out there on a gravel road, pavement, a basement gym, it becomes all very clear to you why you do what you do, and did what you did, and made the only choice you could have made.

OK I shall return, I got a bunch of things to share yet, but gotz to do my 'man chore' and take the garbage out.

Thanks for the visit.


tainterturtles said...

Like the tire photo....very you!

Hey Davie G, go easy on yourself...heal that shoulder/rotator cuff!

dawn marie giegerich said...

You need to encase yourself in bubble wrap whenever you get on that bike.

Dan O said...

I'm have the same blog verses Facebook issue - so just try to both both.

I always get a kick outta your stuff...

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I'm old fashioned and still like the blog. Imagine that, a blog is old fashioned.

mrbill said...

Good for you Dave, you did something around the house, yu took out the trash, I'll bet your mate was surprised. Did you just walk it out or did you take it out on your bike.
Have a good one, Dave. Blogging is a lot tougher than people know, does make a good diary.