Sunday, August 28, 2011

What to do? What to do this weekend ?

Well I didn't get the garage staining finished this weekend.
Oh, and I didn't get the grass cut either.
Come to think of it, I was going to go to Sam's and stock up, and seems time ran out for that too.

However.........I nailed it out on the bikes this weekend.

Rode the FatOne Saturday for a metric C country style. Really pounded the tires, lots of rocks. Fun and challenging. This bike with enough water, weighs close to 50 lbs, as the ride went on, I had to push myself, keep the pace up, and not drag this out. Heavy pedaling has a way of slowly grinding you down, you start out zippy, and it comes and gets ya.  

Today, Sunday, I rode the HardTail. My Ebay special. By the time I replaced all the wore out parts I should have bought a new one. But she rides well now.  Lost my wallet today. At my turn around point I noticed I didn't zip up my back bag. Dang!!!!!!! I figured the chances of getting it back were slim. I had my two credit cards in there, my company's credit card, 100 bucks and other stuff. I followed my path back, watching, looking, gravel roads, county roads, and trails.
I didn't notice a call came in on my cell phone. I class mate of mine, Didi, was walking on the trail with her dog, and found it. Yahoooooo. I will go see her at her work sight tomorrow at noon. Remarkably lucky I'd say.

That makes two gravel metric Centuries this weekend, one last Wed, one the weekend before, and some more the week before and the week before  but I no longer know how many, quit counting, I ran out of toes and fingers. I am just enjoying the ride.

My legs are fried now. I don't know a good reason  why many of us enjoy riding into exhaustion. A fellow riding friend of mind thinks if we ever find out, why we ride as often as we can, as far as we can, in any weather, and preferably challenging terrain, we might stop doing it. I don't know if that is true, but if it is, I hope I don't find out.

I now have three bikes that need work, tuning, cleaning, and lubed. I spose I better take care of this, and try to avoid looking at the garage.......

Going to try to go back this week, and find out what happens to that trail I was on last week that went from manicured to abandoned.

Hope your weekend was fun too.


Dan O said...

50 pound bike? Ouch. Found lost wallet? Lucky.

I'm in the same boat - just ordered a Pile-O-Parts for the old Ibis commuter/cyclocross rig. Probably should have bought something new.

Then again, been riding that bike since '97. We've bonded...

Joboo said...

Lucky man, lucky man!!!!
My luck is just the opposite!! Lol

Yeah to giving the FatBike some love during the summer months!!!! although, I think you're gonna give her a complex making her wear the aero bars!! ;))

To each their own, but take off her winter garb for your summer time together. I've found once I hit 80 miles then my trust Pugs becomes her weight!! ;)
Up until that magical mile, it's smooth sailing. Although, from pedaling her year round my legs are like tree trunks, and my stamina is way way up there!!
It's all good!!
Pedal on fine Sir!!!!


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like that bike set up a lot.

dawn marie giegerich said...

What a crazy-looking creature. Probably scares the cows.

Steph said...

nice luck on getting the wallet back!

what great weather for riding lately :) enjoy!