Saturday, July 2, 2011


62 miles, 100 Kilometers, on dirt or gravel, I consider my 'base workout'. It is not supposed to be an endurance event, even for this old carcass. Lately I have been dragging the tail end of this ride. Lately I have been burning more calories then I consume. I am shedding some of my whale blubber, whale blubber doesn't allow one to attack hills well. Beer, Pizza, and Beer are all to good of friends of mine. So I have restricted my calorie intake.
I didn't take into account that 4 to5 hours of pedaling requires adequate blood glucose levels. I invested in a blood glucose meter, they are under 30 bucks. My last metric C I came home with a blood glucose level of 83, to low, not enough fuel. So today I packed a PBJ sandwich and inhaled at the half way point of the ride.
With 17 miles left, exhaustion set in. I was leaning my forearms on the handle bars, pedaling slow, with a low heart rate. 17 miles from home, I woofed down a granola bar, sweet and surgery. With in about 12 minutes I was kicking some high heart rates, riding hard, and enjoying the ride again.
When I got home I checked my blood glucose and it was still too low, 81. Sorry for anybody reading this, and thinking 'who cares' but my point is, keep yourself fueled, for those that want to push themselves. Ok, I'm done, off my soapbox. :-) 

I  promised ya'll a picture of the UFO, that has been frequenting the area of my ride, but maybe next time I will capture the pic. 

 After arriving home, I grilled up a happy ending......

Over and out.


dawn marie giegerich said...

Wow, you're up late.

montanna said...

As a fitness enthusiast, you ought to know that building a strong core workout will be the initial step towards maximizing strength gains and building muscle, and that strong supporting muscles about the spine will help lessen lower back pain.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

HoHo's all the way, Bro! They're great for keeping the bonk away, but not at helping me maintain my girl-ish figure.

Steph said...

The blood sugar stuff is important!! a monitor is the way to go. it's amazing what your body does with sugar, and when it needs it! I bet you'll get the "Science" of it down, and know just how to fuel yourself:)