Friday, November 21, 2008

I BIFFED!!!!!!

Well set out this morning, carefully considering what to wear to keep warm without overheating. It was about 15 degrees F when I started. my plan was to ride a 100K from Dubuque to Dyersville on the gravel and dirt.
I was about 25 miles into the trail ride and went over a stick about 1" in diameter and it caught into my spokes locked the front tire when it came around and caught the frame and flipped me and the bike. I crashed the ground with my face, fortunately the helmet took a lot of the impact. Hurt my wrist a bit. Finished the ride, a bit sore did a 100k to make it my 17th, 100K for the year in dirt. Beautiful day for a ride. Going to have me a nice coffee cup.

Most of my route follows a good part of the "Triple D" course
Keep on biking

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